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zoe muth the lost high rollers - not you lyrics


chorus: not you, no not you too
you’re just another man that’s gone and made me blue
not you, tell me it ain’t true
you’ve gone and done all the things you said you would
never do

i wish i didn’t even have to ask
where you were last night or the night before that
keepin’ your boots so shiny and clean
but when you come home to me you never wipe them off
you just sit down in front of the tv screen
when i need a little lovin’ at the end of a long hard
you’re always comin’ and a goin’ but you never have a
single word to say
if i wanted to start a fight it wouldn’t be hard
all i’d have to do is say hey hey

you can take your love and turn around
catch the same train you came in on back to that tired
old southern town
and next time you go out for one of your walks
don’t be surprised when you come on home and find the
front door unlocked
and the lights all out and the note in the fryin’ pan
saying cook your own dinner tonight i ran off with
another man
but i’m sure that soon enough he’ll be pullin’ that
same old stuff
and i’ll be singin’ once again hey hey

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