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z prochek - one day lyrics


expressionless and broken
unhealthy life
another day has p-ssed now
not much of a time
looking out the window
the tears are dried up
the sun is shining above me
with that heavy light

one day i’ll need no comfort
stronger and all healed
then one day i wont be caring
i’ll be changed emotionally

not a glance at all the present
memories of the past
no defence to grab
no dreaming of the time i used to have

then one day none of these scars will hurt me anymore
all the shadows left upon me
all vanished and far gone
there will be a time when i wont
see you everytime i close my eyes

i guess i am just failing
all lost in the wounds
making up excuses
not to let go
it is so hard to except this
but this time i don’t have a choice
i have to let things go now
and breath new air


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