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ysr loski - big whoop lyrics


we_we tryna paralyze a n_gga
it’s with a k, dumbass
[?] at you

[verse: ysr loski and krispylife kidd]
i_i got some loose star, bro got some doves on him
pull up on a f_ck n_gga, then dump on him
b_tch all in my face, spilled my cup on me
passed on a n_gga for some doves, he tried to tuck on me
oh, you tryna rob? what you look on me?
’cause i got some k!llers from the book that a bug f_cked me
i don’t say too much, that sh_t get the trunk open
try to kidnap a rat, but couldn’t get the trunk open
deer is getting out, you know you puttin’ sh_t emotion
bro know how to storm, [?] oklahoma
remember we was young, f_ckin hoes? you know you were in it
put the b_tches on a float, you know i’m pokin’ somethin’
shootout with my n_ggas, i’m a holy moly somеthin’
curl a n_gga up with that chop, roly_poly somethin’
i cut him up, he was acting like hе told or somethin’
back to my dawg [?], i don’t fall or nothin’
stock on the ar, he gotta photo more (krispylife)
bro got somethin’ spit a [?] two different pieces
i’m on the block right now with two different ears
my little n_gga pushed me foo with two different bees
pistol whip a n_gga, make that boy think he dreaming
call ldg, he got a plug on the leaders
don’t [?] your [?] if you still breathin’

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