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​xaviersobased - ​bossup lyrics


[part 1]
boss up, i’m finna boss up
lil girl, yeah, you on one
a_ and my b_tch said i’m awesome
g_ got a buddy on my back, shoutout blossom
i_ i_ oh you want a feat? it’s finna cost one
you can’t guard me, pass the ball, i’m finna cross em
shawty said i’m cute just like a possum
grab a n_gga, shoot a n_gga if he saw sum
smoking za n_gga, n_gga smoking down a [?]
f_ck you’re whole team, lil n_gga, we [?]
n_gga watch your back, watch your friends, you gotta watch em
we ain’t k!ll him but we shot his mans right across him
ion stay at [?], yeah, n_gga i stay at gotham
if a n_gga got a problem, n_gga imma rob em
hit him in his stomach, hit that boy in his [?]
choppa bullets hot just like sum lava
just like sum lava, just like sum lava

[part 2]

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