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utter hell - victimizer lyrics


criminal homicide, subject of the dark
make the blood flow is my delirious
look at the pale faces of anguish
showing me their fear of dying

demons lead me to the victims
streets are stage of their fatality
whipping their bodies till take the lives
of those killed on behalf of satan

i am the one that seeks the chance to kill, you’ll see me
i am the one that will take you last breath, as offering
to the dark

ritual dagger is covered by blood
you heart is drilled seven times
i will taunt of your trampled corpse
and those who mourn your decease

transgression to fellowman’s life
it’s part of my ineffable fate
the demons persue me
to bring incautious to their domains

i am the one that seek the chance to kill, you will see
me arriving
i am the one that willtake your last breath, die on
behalf of satan

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