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utter hell - dreams of realm below lyrics


i’ve sown my soul on desolated paths
where senses turns a plague for life
gets away the shadows from the past
and the ground trembles at the lightning’s roar

echos of whispers resound in the void
as winged demons flitting on h-ll
mind is -ssaulted by unholy images
when i descent to dephts of dreams

entering to an underworl dimension
i feel the strenght of the sulphur souls that -ssault

they are a legion of spiritual domain
agains the faithful ones of the sacred lamb
the devil’s call down below is howling
to make us scorn the saint spirit

merciless attack upon the sons of god, on christ
relapse our rage
his follower’s lives shall fall in pain till uproot
their religion’s faith

cry for the blemished divinity’s defeated
the christ belief by demons has been outraged
evil’s mark stays on skin impregnated
and their souls they will give us to be enslaved

we swear allegiance to black hordes for a whole
darkness domain
we’ll serve to our dark lord
the realm of h-ll must be bring to earth by us the
wicked souls who here dwell
you can see them on dreams forever

i have dreamt a realm of evil
where we the impure ones follow our way
i have dreamt a place that is not heaven
where wickedness marks our fate

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