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uneven structure - quittance lyrics


a regretful instant breaks
this is not the road leading to fullness
this is not what i wanted to reach
this is not the place i belong to
this is not where i was supposed to land
this is not the aim of this routine
this is not why i did build this
this is not a conclusion
this is not who i was meant to be
why this discrepancy
a cause lost into fraudulent behaviors
depicting a strong weakness of the self
all integrity shattered in million pieces
mislead into temptation
this is not a denial, this is the true face of resentment
i demand redemption for all my transgressions
prepared to strip myself down to the gist
a deafening silence slants over this desert
the burn of these distresses is extinct
i feel now freed from that perturbed shallowness
ready to take one last impulse and lift off
i am aloud in the escape
allowed to leave this place.

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