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twaimz - where my chat lyrics


where the f_ck is my chat?
where my chat?
aye f_ck it up chat!
yeah, that’s my chat
aye, that’s my chat!
i love my chat!
stand up chat!
aye let’s get it, let’s get it

chat real lit, acting like a bunch of rues
stuv now let me get some w’s
these b_tches is my sons, nieces and nephews
my angels lookin’ like tens, them gremlins lookin’ like twos
i’m a pretty b_tch, i eat the stream up like some subway
if my angels getting litty, thеn i gift some subs away
i’m the baddest b_tch, i’ll strеam these b_tches gettin’ washed away
and if you ain’t lit in chat then get the f_ck up out my face!

aye, aye where my chat?
yeah that’s my chat

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