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sl1p - distraction lyrics


i’ve been playing shows to myself in my room
so i don’t have to deal with silence, i’m just blasting tunes
i got so much sh_t to do, but i don’t wanna do it
you don’t really need me baby, just call me a shoe_in
oh, sh_t
i don’t really like this
the every day cycle, not a single compromise
it’s eating me alive
it’s clogging up my mind
every second spent online
my retinas burn from blue light that’s always entering my eyes
it makes me wanna die
it’s alright. it’s okay
i need constant noise distracting me like every f_cking day
scroll down my fyp till all my troubles melt away
cause i’d just cry into my pillow if i’m not entertained
i fall asleep
with youtube playing on my tv
cause if i don’t hear talking, i’ll overthink until i weep
there’s so much more than my depression, don’t let it define me
but i’m still crying out for help within my lyrics cause i need it
i skip school once in a while to try to stress relieve
but then more problems build up until it’s worse than when i took my leave
all i really need is a couple seconds to breathe
is that too much to ask?
i guess it is
at least that’s how it seems

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