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skiddelz - i'm throwin' that vape away lyrics


this is what i do when i see someone vaping

[verse 1]
are you seriously vaping right now? (yeah, why?)
vapes are bad for you! (i don’t care!) i’m throwing that away, my guy!
oh.. my god… is that seriously a cigarette?
(leave me alone already!) you’re making me upset!!
(what’s wrong with you?) nothing! i’m tryna help you out!
(i love vapes!) just eat something healthy, like a brussel sprout
haha! i got your vape, and i threw it away!
(i needed those cigarettes!!!) cigarettes will turn your lungs gray!

vaping is bad, cigarettes are bad!
marijuana too! (you’re making me mad!)
everytime i see you vaping, it makes me sad!
(oh, i didn’t know!) vapes arе not rad
you’re crazy for that! (i can quit anytime)
no you can’t you’re just gonna keep vaping all thе time!
(ok, i get it! i’ll quit vaping, man!)
that’s what i thought, those things should be banned!

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