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richa$id - for the brothas lyrics


rich acid on that beat
there’s a lot of brothers out there
rich acid and brokeacid on the beat
2024 the biggest
we pop out at your party
you better watch out
ooh, 27 club

not he bopping n_gga i’m punching my hips
if you see me on the streets you better dip
f_ck 12, b_tch i hit a l!ck
smoking all these dead n_ggas b_tch don’t run, don’t trip
like d_mn
n_ggas don’t be rapping like d_mn
yeah i be shooting opps like bam
shorty don’t want condom b_tch give me a dental dam
b_tch ass n_gga he was indian and his ass got scammed
she eating it like a banana, uh
she singing like hannah montana
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
shorty she bad and from ghana, uh
she think i’m baby santana, uh
yeah, i’m off the leash, uh, yeah
f_ck the police, uh, yeah, yeah

all these people perpetrating
they told me i couldn’t make it everyday
we be making beats, they be
they be tellin’ me i be tellin’ me
i be tellin’ me
we be tellin’ me
i couldn’t do this sh_t
but i did it anyways
you told me i couldn’t do this sh_t
so i did it everyday
poppin’ out to your hood
told me pull up, pull up
boy, the 24 glock
every day on the street
every day on the street
we be pullin’ up
and it feels like a google meet
you be gettin’ jumped everyday by the opps
i be pullin’ up
with the smoked salmon on the back
every day richacid brokeacid
every acid every day
we be united every day
feelin’ like the opps pull up with the glocks
everyday we be pullin’ up on the block
44 glock on my back
sh_t 64 opps gotta strap
we be pullin’ up blast them all blast them all
we be blastin them like they some ops on the street
we be pullin’ up ain’t no games for us
we be pullin’ up ain’t no streets for us
we be from the hood
we be in the mud
every day every day yeah, yeah
she be riding around in a tonka
every day, feel like fonka
she told me, ayy, ayy
richacid, what you doin’ i said, f_ck you
every day, i be pullin’ up to the street
every day, we be pullin’ up to the game
the game always first, we always first
and then she told me
that’s it, acid, richacid richacid out
we out, we out gang
for all the bros out there
we love you man, acids out

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