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reserv - the forest waltz (including the dress rehearsal) lyrics


part i the forest waltz
oh takin a breath for your long haul day is coming to an end
its time to be like_ like when you were a child
just close up your eyes and stay for a while
(oh oh oh oh oo ah)
you can use your head to do what you want to
just think of a drop in a pond and be what you like

you wanna be a little fish swimming in the blue sea
you wanna be a little squirrel underneath the oak tree
the same one from the old house
the one that you knew
but its first name you gave it oh how it missed you
oh you feel the wind and that bright sunny sky
oh you’ll be the wind through the trees
’cause you tell your head to do just what you like
you think of a drop in a pond and you breath
(oh oh oh oh oo ah)

part ii (the dress rehearsal)

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