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redemption draweth nigh - the eyes have it lyrics


[verse 1]
as the shadow of your graves
falls on your face, the fear and disgrace
the blood of the innocent you betrayed
the world will know your shame
tick_tock, the hands on the clock
start to rattle and move
faster faster faster they spin
as they forget the tune

and here it comes
upside down
oh, here it comes
there’s no way out

[verse 2]
the sun’s been eclipsed by the moon
the lunatics cry out of tune
the eyes have it, but what’s in their view?
i think we’re through

one and all
you broke the rules
and now you’ll fall
[verse 3]
build your kingdoms quickly now
brick by brick by brick
cause ashes to ashes all fall down
sickly sickly sick

don’t you know you can’t run from the light
paint the blue sky black
the pinholes piercing through your eyes
you’re never coming back

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