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redemption draweth nigh - misery lyrics


[verse 1]
and yet here i stand
with my head in my hand
help me, i’m in misery
try but i can’t get what i need
free from this pain
that’s my singular aim
get away from me
stop trying to seize the air i breathe

no, i won’t stop
you’ll have to make my body drop
you cannot halt me
until i lay in that dark sleep

i’ll drink your misery
so, pour one out for me
this bitter brewing tea
i see, i see
i’ll drown in misery
it makes no difference to me
i have my destiny
you’ll see, you’ll see
[verse 2]
finally, i stand at the top of the hill
the view fulfilled
misery couldn’t stop me
daybreak shone as the sky brokе free

pour out your misery
what’s the worst you can do to me?
you can’t stеal my victory
or just delay your defeat
pour out the misery
it makes no difference to me
what’s a day of suffering to eternity?

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