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redemption draweth nigh - malfunctioning lyrics


[verse 1]
broken inside me
something’s not working
ripped lungs cannot breathe
my eyes cannot see
my rhythm’s skipping
think i’m malfunctioning
mechanical beat
out of sequencing

so i look around to see if anyone
now fixed to the ground, has noticed
my unusual, i sing out of tune
behavior, claustrophobia
i rhyme out of time, our voice is mine
behind the wall of wailing
hidden from the odds, even though because
i have stood across the antagonist

[verse 2]
mouth acts so oddly
opens but cannot scream
i push so loudly but nothing’s received
why can’t you hear me
your silence is dеafening
i’m vexed from trying
walls havе intervened
was i reasoning or malfunctioning
broken from season, falling into spring
currently behind the future’s time
past this way again with disengagement
pulled apart my smile for a little while
filled me full of doubt but i figured out
started practically, stumbling in the breeze
head full of clouds, finally knowing

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