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redemption draweth nigh - heart ripped from my chest lyrics


give unto me divine words of rhyme
the vision unbridled
the scheme defined
unbeholden, aware
the breath, the fear, the fair

oh, let the walls come down
burn them to the ground
the hour must soon come
we cannot change course
a prevailing force
our time divorced from choice
and though i’m afraid
i know i can’t wait
i know i can’t wait, oh
no time to debate
we must escape
cannot hesitate

as thе moon fell from the heavеn
stars above i count them seven
lake of fire, torment higher
fire in the mind
with these pills to numb and drain
fl!ckering light, static pain
smoke ascending in the ashes
the writing’s on the wall
jesus, come down to me
i want to see
my heart’s been ripped from my chest
i cannot breathe
i cannot even start to think about the end
come set me free
i want to be
i want to be
come set me free
from my misery
my misery

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