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rakoth - planeshift lyrics


pale grey landscapes the universe of ignorance
light and dark attributes of blind duality
choking here, searching for escape from the
poisonous vapour of all-consuming dementia
long to breathe looking around i see only hazy
shades, faint reflections of what could be a
mind, unable to realize all sarcasm of their
pathetic futile existance… feeble thoughts,
feeble needs, non-existant will to learning – only
feeding and breeding… and dying as their time
comes just for it was “destined”. lambs…
colours dim, sun dying slowly daylight bidding
last farewell taking a glance around just once
i’m ready for the planeshift need no one, no
priest, no opfer the ritual’s only a genious play
all ceremony is a hermetic act my
consciousness unfolds leaving this world,
dimension so hollow leaving the realm of virtue
and sin i deny no chant, no prayer i need i
search for the way inside myself and memories
rise before my eyes what am i leaving behind?
what shall i p-ss by in my journey? and
observing the sombre past i find diamonds how
it is unbearable to leave but impossible to stay
doubts thrown away thoughts clear, now
nothing stops me i banish last ghosts of past
withered spirits of serenity and soon my rest
shall be ruined veil of slumber shall fall apart
aroused from my sleep i’ll rise and shall begin
living flash of light, mental thunderstrike mind
sh-ll cracks then shatters turns reason
unleashed dark unveils umbral dismal depths
shining stellar planes all mine now and for ever
more i’m unbound to wander free among the
stars to play with nebulas to create worlds at
my own will to reign them or let them be and
destroy them at my caprice to roam through
the crystal spheres of universal silent symphony

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