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p6 & st67 - black drapes lyrics


[verse: p6]

getting high on a balcony

if i were to jump they would probably claim insanity

try to grow some wings though
and fly’s the mentality

i’ve got an angel tatted
know the demons coming after me

life is but a mirror
so i made it into a gallery

you think that she a queen
yea she calling me your majesty

sick of phony n_ggas i got allergies

got the same time

i just built a different strategy

not the same mind
i done changed my whole reality

from being so broke

and so low

on the floor

with no hope

in limbo

like a ghost

and polos

and chokeholds

and i know that you know
but i can’t any mo

she say she loves me
but hates the fact im never coming over

barely send a text like i ain’t tryna get closer
told her that i’m sorry
then preceded to ghost her

married to the money
and i’m in it till its over

[verse: st67]

i lost feelings in the 8th and kicked by the 10th grade
i really hated class n_gga i hated them days
i’m from a city where you prolly go get murdered
from a n_gga with dreads or a high top temp fade
the girl that you wish say she wanna fall in love
she don’t really give a f_ck n_gga she want the rent paid
i call myself a knight n_gga not cause of trippie
cause my n_ggas carry k’s
you don’t wanna see them play
i’m losing my mind i swear i feel like its over
buried my dog the sh_t feel just like yesterday
ain’t wiping my eyes i swear i seen better days
a n_gga say they see you doing good they lenz will change
i’m breaking the tie i swear i seen the lie in your eye
you walk through my jungle these n_ggas prolly snitch and they die
i’m calling your corner right before that flash is goodbye
l’l deal you with ease nah i ain’t got to try
i’m dealing with eve how i got a pain on my side
you stress over fees
nah don’t can’t help you out
i’m over the c s and i ain’t talking banging the block

you over to me
i ain’t think they playing your sh_t

you got yes man all your dogs just ok_ing your sh_t

i’m the best just keeping it real
you n_ggas ain’t thorough
and you ain’t in the field

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