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‎osamason - new tec / 500 lyrics


500 new tecs
slime finna come for ya neck
i was just pourin up red
pull up inna bulletproof vest
but ion need that vest
b_tch mad cause i got checks, ya
b_tch mad cause i’m next, ya
lil o do it the best
i was just f_ckin on (cough)
i got (inaudible)
but that bih came straight from j_pan
i got (inaudible)
slime been rollin off perc 10’s
givenchy bracelet for my man
got brand new lean man come tap in
off of that sh_t i was poppin that sh_t
poppin new drake i was poppin that whip
i was in dior i was tapped in
rockin vlone “is you f_ckin wimme?”
i got racks, in the city
bad b_tch wanna show me her titties
you wanna (inaudible) boy you silly
i drop some racks on ya head slime get him! (fifty!)
this that freestyle flexing
bih flex up
i just poured up nettspend !
i’m high wit the (inaudible)
i told her don’t get nasty
knock you off then f_ck my bestie

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