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molly santana - you got me fucked up lyrics


lyrics from snippet

’cause really, i’ve been too nice
so don’t make me act up
i really wish you would try
(would try)

he really got it f_cked up
thinkin that i would fly (would fly)
make you say “good night” (good night)
really got me f_cked up
if they thinking [?]
take it like [?]

[verse 1]
i’ve been all about my business
no one really get it (yeah)
but that [?] got me livin’
’cause my pockets dripping
i’ve been steady droppin’ [?], they really hittin’
steady on the grind, so we in this feeling
i can get it everytime so i get [?]
i’ve been busy getting millions like i’m singing dеals
[?] i never do it
[?] drippin’
them hoеs need to take notes of the sh_t i’m givin’ (yeah)
call me [?], i be ballin’ on my pivot
[?] i’m the one who really did it
they can talk about it, i’m the one who really livin’
and i’m flexing on all yall n_ggas (flex)
circle got small and my money got bigger
really [?] if we [?], now it’s just [?]
i done seen a lot, show me something different
can’t be way too [?]
i be steady ballin, you be learning how to [?]
on another line, i got_

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