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mice parade - could this be anywhere lyrics


do you have a fear
do you have a question
raise your hand
cause is nothing is perfection
do you have a fear
do you have a lapse
do you even want to fill the gaps

are you really here
look around and tell me what you see
it’s a mutilation
but it doesn’t have to be
are you really here
are you in the zone
are you on the way back to your phone
taking time in your better ways

well i’m just making sure that you lost my number
within the heap load of thе others
and was it really more i tеnd to wonder
in the city that has nothing for me
there’s different sites to see
[?] about more than you and me

it’s give and take
it’s a little something that you make
it’s a mutilation
but at least it’s never fake
are you really here
will you always be
what’s mine is all for you is yours for me

so take this town
and give it all you got
i guess it’s worth a shot
but you won’t find me around the corner
you know exaggeration drifts
from the cool imperfect [?]

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