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mephistopheles - intoxicate the sun lyrics


“predestin’d is the path of thine
though in blindness thou shalt wander
as long thou on the earth dost live
death shall follow thee but never
caress thy spirit with his kiss”

truth spake to me

my soul doth in anger listen
and thus, the bolts ye fail to stir
beyond thy words i am imprisoned
to lose my hate is my only fear

time hath not yet come for us to meet again

as with the night my soul darkens
like every night before
angels dance in ecstacy by fiery death devoured
to see the earth through eyes divine
through eyes like mine

i shall die
as long as thy words disguise her tears
consume my pain
no morning shall greet the final day

supreme am i due to the loss of doubt
yes, i am a sinner
but thus my flame is burning strong

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