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max morton - soda can lyrics


kick around a soda can
and wait for your plane to land
through the dry fogged california borderline

you skipped town before the sun showed face
and ma’ left late, almost missed her train saying please
see the sight through
oh what can i do

for you i’m dead_bound for words to sing
you’re the sparkle on the water of the michigan lake
you’re the hudson
you’re the black birds outside

and soon comes a time when the trees grow red
birds fly south, all to get shot dead and i
found sweet direction broke in two
oh what can i do
oh what can i do

time’s like stonеs it turns to sand, marooned, it ages
the blеak_bottom bones just can’t pretend that they’re not breaking
oh the sky keeps getting darker all in blue_black blades of light
until we meet on autumns first night
until we meet on autumns first night
well alright

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