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man must die - kingdoms shall fall lyrics


pain inside me
it comes alive
and then darkness falls
walls closing in on me
i watched your kingdom fall
to ashes on the ground
this battle rages inside me
for all to see

the enemy inside of me
follow – reclaim my place on the
throne i see the dreams are dying
destroy them all – violated
the enemy inside of me

take you down, spill the blood
from the opening
as i break your neck, deceased
turn around every time to see the
resilience time
forever dying

see that you will die like me

i’ve been silenced for everything
that i once believed
my promise, i’ll break it
you’ll do your time on your knees

wage your war

knee deep
in my disease
demons seed
crawls all over me
for the love of hatred
prepare the gates
years of suffering
prepare the gates for me

your pleas to me
don’t change a f-ckin thing
i’ll tear you down in all due time
you will see
my kingdom shall rise
destroy the value of human life
until you die there’s no compromise

wage your war

no offering of peace

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