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likhona - sun love lyrics


[verse 1]
ye, open eyes, i look to my right
see a young mellow light
it’s her eyes, they got me hypnotised
never knew my god would pour a beauty, then solidify it
sydney by my side in medici
imported straight from fiji
undercover demon, sent from h_ll to come and please me
tempting me to eat her like the serpent did with evie
i don’t wanna see these titties on my pc
i just want that sun love

sun lovе (×3)

[verse 2]
now it’s everyday i’m writing bout a woman in a merl
thе potential of a lover or destroyer of my world
this shawty got me geeking got my mind up in a hurl
obsession like the open sea, i’m drowning twirl
cause she like that
typa girl to smoke on thotties like a light pack
curving mandem, leaving markers when she back
got my name up on her chest , so it’s a nice tatt
cause i give her that sun love
sun love (×9)
i just want that sun love (×3) (i just want that)

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