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last tuesday - we can't afford lyrics


the bright lights shaded by and existence that’s slowly fading
and i am, forced to reflect on who i am and what i’ve done
21 and fearing things to come and where i’m gonna be and will i find someone
i could be gone when the sun goes down
and yet i’m walking around staring at the ground

time p-sses by so fast, i need some time to stop and think about it
i wonder where i’ll be in a couple years and if i’m still alive, am i living my life

and after all is said and done, i look back at what i’ve become
and i am, honestly questioning if my time was well spent
ready, set, no wait not ready to go, i have a good excuse i had some things to do
another year and i’ve forgotten the fear that this might be the day that i’ll be taken away

sometimes i feel like i’m a day away,
just a day away from everything i want to be
tomorrow comes and i realize i’m where i was just a day ago tonight

tonight, tonight i’ll live my life

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