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kool keith - lovely lady lyrics


lovely lady girl you drive me crazy

[kool keith]
i know this girl with her own crib in isolation
she’s from puerto rico half black on vacation
fine freak with thongs on whup me every week
panties in service the big two’s make her nervous
hey boo here’s lollipops i’ma give em too you
bang you nice backdoors i’ma scr-pe the floors
look at your personal silk on the camcorder
then hit bedsprings my thumb’s on the tape recorder
with big cups of cristal, i’ma spank her well
if i lick you there, my girlfriend, i’ma tell
rock your boots, and leave my style written on your cooch
with rubber demands, condoms in your soft hands
i got plans for booty work to catch a lapdance
that skirt is workin, and by myself, i be jerkin.
. on to the chorus
i want that purple cadillac with the lime green ragtop, yeah

lovely lady, girl you drive me crazy (3x)

she got me open, like two big scoops of raisin bran
watchin adult films, i’m part time her freak man
thinkin how she’s cute, i got my mask on my eye
lickin splits that switch and change her whole voice pitch
“ayyy papi, why you go so low?”
i got scuba divin skills, the pros, stay below
authorizin a sign, she reflects with pantylines
she got her hair done, apartment two the girl is mines
trippin down the pants, she’s wearin spandex
and flower dresses, the booty to the max apex
i’m on my way, with guinness stout everyday
jodeci tapes, h-town, not bring 4play
couches are plush, no quickies ladies don’t rush
you know my flavor, lubricated bareback
stroke to get live, you melt down, when i tap the sack
like kojak, detective, i got your contraceptive
i know your perspective, if you get picked, i’m selective
rubbin you down, in baths, calgon bound
you lookin s-xy smilin, in that soft nightgown
baby love it when i blow bubbles, kiss her stomach
she’s a dimepiece, i popped up, on the east
the lady is ready, tell duke i’ma rock her steady

lovely lady, girl you drive me crazy (3x)

tight bm, she wanna give me her w
take me shoppin, do what i want to, do it when i want to do
i play the game right, work out that back tonight
disco lights beam, dancin at southside
she got her lingerie on, sippin on?
emotional status, i’m puttin tongues to the baddest
bitin the peaches, cherries open on the beaches
i got her turned out, screamin in the bleachers
eatin?, her friends are mad gettin jealous
blockin my great view, some knucklehead’s down too
who is it wizard? i got the address i’ma visit
go down solo, she workin night, at the gogo

new york city ampex, she pays for my reels
she’s admire me, her pockets with tons of bills
she lookin good comin from work
i hope she bought me a pair of them expensive? reels

lovely lady, girl you drive me crazy (4x)

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