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kj 52 - god lyrics


you are the first and the last
strength that i have, if my world was to crash
you are the same from today to the past
plain that your love don’t change and i’m glad

you remain is the way i could have
new life and you took the blame that i had
an over-night change came with a flash
i know it might seem kinda strange if you ask

but how can i describe who you are?
what could i write? where would i start?
who would define the one who made the stars?
and made them shine and still lives in my heart?

no words would explain who you are.
how could i ever just name who you are?
even heaven can’t contain who you are!
is the only way i can say who you are?


it’s god! truly god!
can you see? can you hear?
can you touch? can you feel?

it’s god! truly god!
i can’t explain any other way
but it’s god.

so amazing to me
you spoke a word, everything changes to be
seven days, you made the sun raise in the trees
and let it blaze, made the sun raise in the east

i gaze on all you made and i see
and i’m ashamed of sinful ways, and its me
and i’m amazed that you came straight, just for me
it’s kinda strange, but that’s the way that you be

you are the reason i live
you’re all i’m needing to live
you are the mean, and i live
with so much peace, i see, and you give

you right here, it’s quite clear that you live
you’re the air that i breathe and you live
it’s not that clear, what i’m speaking
it’s just that…
all that i can say is…

[repeat chorus]

so at the end of the day
when everything you made just fades into gray
only one thing remains, it’s the same
the fact that your love, it refuses to change

so plain, i’m amazed by your ways
’cause you, so great, but you came and you gave
your whole life, and you died, straight to the grave
three days into life, came and you raised

and i can still call on your name
and even when i fall, you remain, it’s the same
you are my all in all, that i claim
i used to be kinda like paul, but i changed

how could i ever be ashamed?
its obvious that you live and you reign
supreme as the very reason i’m saved
see what i mean is, what i mean is that you’re…

[second half of chorus]
[repeat chorus]

just god
nothing else.

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