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kemet - immaculate lyrics



a last present, will you care about it
take it in memory of our broken romance

for you what only remains is diamond dust
blown in the air…immaculate
nothing else than nothing
just a candle steaming
how do you call the wine, the bitter wine irritating my throat?
how do you call this vicious poison you threw to my
face, making my eyes sting?

for you what only remains is diamond dust
blown in the air…

i feel behind indifference, the seed of revenge growing in me
i hear behind the curtain the vicious murmur guiding the beast in me

running won’t bring me anywhere, i can’t find. i won’t
find what you were
addicted, there’s no remedy – it’s p-ssion. it’s excess that
takes place in me

acid can’t freeze and bloods can’t join
wrong alchemy, the damage is done
i kissed the feet, now can be born and find a reason to be

love: electric twilights, mystic fogs, p-rnography for
angels, diamond dust blown in the air and then the
candle dies…
lovers: philosophers in doubt. theorists of nothingness
rocked by the illusion of their poisoned literature.

were you always mine?
your vicious aims got the better of me
i hear the voices of regrets shouting at me, shouting at

the whys, the hows
i drew a line from here to nowhere, a path to
will i come back some day?

walking on a road to nothing…will i come back some day?

love in order to hide what you are: hte in disguise,
doped morality
trying to keep the flame burning

as we were born we’ll all die, so we must keep ready
the finger on the trigger, ready to free
ourselves of the growing tumour gnawing our guts,
know that when life humiliates, air is immaculate…

what can remain for the years to come
paralytic reality
vanity undeer valium

it’s just a secret that you can’t hide
lines that i can read even in lies
it’s written on your lips and in your eyes
i can’t stand it anymore, things must cease

it must cease and i know how to proceed
it’s your turn
you now see the pity in my eyes and nothing else.

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