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kaymuni - jail pain lyrics


[verse 1: mazza l20]
let me keep it real with the fans
they think i’m ocg, i’ve never been in a gang
i’ve been around straps, ears ring when it bangs
scorpion t__th, they were looking like fangs
people hating on me, keeps f_cking up my plans
the real can relate but i don’t think you’ll understand
i was smoked in the side of my chest and my hand
i had a shotgun but i never had a grand
i was stoned, robbing food from the shops in the strand
he’s fifteen, olders put glocks in his hands
no gloves so he put socks on his hands
they gassed him up and now he feels like he’s part of the gang
till hе got nicked for a shooting, now he’s sitting on remand
putting numbеrs on his pin and every number that he rang
rang out, they blanked him and left him to hang
the opps have got a pattern so it’s sticky when he lands
no fl!cky, got him sharpening some metal, tryna sand
n0body sent a penny or checking on his nan
he’s doing laps on the yard but he’s not tryna get a tan
no canteen, he can’t even get a scran
head f_ck, thinking “f_ck it” though, it’s time to be a man
they’re putting hits on him but he’s not shy
he pulled out his blade and went and done it on sight
now he’s sitting down the block in a cell with no light
he never went to school, he can’t read and can’t write
he banged guns from young so he really can’t fight
scr_ping metal on the wall, tryna sharpen up his spike
money on his head, he doesn’t care about the price
cause if anybody tries to collect, they’re getting sliced
he hasn’t had a life, he went to court and got life
now he can’t sleep, somebody’s knocking on the pipes
eyes bloodshot red, he hasn’t slept all night
n0body even checked to see if he was alright
they found him hanging in the morning man, rest in peace mike
this is real life man, it’s really what it’s like
people think it’s funny but it’s really not nice
blisters on your hands from sharpening spikes
towels at the bottom of your doors for the mice
faces get sliced so that they can smoke spice
the court’s giving out numbers like a dice
then they put you on a cover like uncle ben’s rice
i f_cking hate jail man, i’ve only been twice
done a two then a eight, that’s ten years of my life
he got life at fourteen man, free that boy kife
[verse 2: kaymuni]
let me keep it real for a sec
he got granted his appeal but he still got a rec
that’s lost hope so the f_ck he even get his hopes up for?
he p_ssed off in jail so he fight less and cut more
govs down the block saying “can’t you put your head down?”
foenem got a bird that he can’t get his head round
make it worse, guys got a bird but they’re home now
we ain’t kids no more, we’re grown now
and the realest sh_t i’ve ever done ain’t never been recorded
i fed a hundred guys, i ain’t never been applauded
i started off cheffing guys cah i wanted guns but couldn’t afford it
i got weed, i got phones but this jail sh_t’s still boring
cah i’m only two into a five
me and s in the cut, you know that’s two up at a time
tuna in the brine for the sock, not the oil ting
he got kettled and chinged, the mandem spoiled him
he’s sitting down the block cah he caught another opp
n0body sent him bread, his main squeeze turned thot
had the same clothes for years and his trainers look washed
yeah i’ve been in jail and seen some real k!llers really lose the plot
cah he’s two into a twenty_two and he ain’t coming home for now
he ain’t tryna fight, he’s tryna soak you down
he even started training, quit smoking now
every night he speaks to his b_tch
he said he wish he took the deal and didn’t go to trial
i was sitting down the seg cah we buss another head
n0body sent me bread, my main squeeze getting revved
i don’t feel nothing, everything i loved, bro it left
sl!ckz done seven, still got another twenty left
yeah i grew up in juvies, badding man up over blue phones
now i need a day_date rose gold two_tone
i can’t lie, i’m used to slop and rice from the servery
cah i never snitched, i took an early plea
yo you think jail’s nice, you ain’t ever sold spice
got a seven then a ten, that’s ten years of my life

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