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j. sylvan - shame lyrics


do you think i’m so obtuse?
you’ve allowed him to seduce you
what son covets
objects of his father’s s_x?
will you f_ck your mother next?
or my beloved

i see it’s him you’ve chosen
for your gullible devotion
well let me be an omen
for how this affair will end

he’s a fickle paramour
do you think he’ll settle for
a prince when he could have the lord?
does the truth offend?

you knew what he meant to me
still you chose to take him as your own
your kingdom will never be
he’ll exploit your heart to steal your throne

when did this contempt arise?
these contentions are all lies
what’s his misdeed?
his devotion’s resolute
he’s accomplished your pursuits
ignoring his need
you’ve betrayed your family
i hope that his honey’s worth the taste
sickening, your vanity!
i won’t let my son become disgraced

[saul launches a spear at jonathan]

jonathan, it was a slip!
meant a gesture, but my grip__

i know father, you can
skip the explanation!

you’re unharmed, it didn’t hit
are you leaving?
come back, sit!
you expect me to admit

this was his imagining
he provoked my anger
i’m not to
none of this is happening
i know that it can’t be
it’s not true

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