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isidro agot - so close to you lyrics


“h-llo” was all we said
now i can’t get you out of my head
something in your smile i guess
left my heart so breathless
my eyes just couldn’t help but sigh
this heart of mine can no longer deny
it’s such a special feeling
i know that love is waiting ’round the bend
i’m so close to being close to you
it only takes a while or two
for love to smile at me and you

for all we know this love may grow
it all seemed like a dream
can’t believe this is happening
now you’re here so close to me
something i thought could never be
and i know i’m into something good
i’ll try to make it last if i could
got to get a little closer
i’m so close to getting to know you better
repeat refrain 2x
i’m so close to being close to you
i’m so close to being?
close to you

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