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iron man - shadows of darkness lyrics


looking down the street, what is this reason for insanity
minding my own business all the time, where did i make
this crime?
i just keep walking, minding my way
where did i go wrong? just being myself
now it’s time they set me free, just let me be

living in the shadows of darkness
the shadows of darkness

they’re reaching inside of me, to see what i have
they’ll never know what lies inside of my mind
keep on prying on that door, you’ll just get some more
now the night is getting long, i’ll cut like a shark

look up to the western sky, you will defy
the eastern sun is rising tomorrow, now it’s time to die
on and on it happens again, don’t look beyond today
resolutions they never do work, are you ready to fly?

your accusations they’ll never hurt me, just keep on
talking you’ll never be free in the dark of the night
you better not sleep, don’t turn off the light

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