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infectious grooves - turtle wax (funkaholics anonymous) + lyrics


my my my, your truth is a lie
and you help cover it up and you don’t even ask why
so it goes

funky wunky, the funky junky
funky wunky, ouh won’t you hit them with that
nooky nooky, you got that cookie
nooky nooky, ouh

hit them with the funky shift – you jokin’?
funky wunky ouh
slam me with the funky fix – get going!
funky junky ouh

why why why do you quit before you try
you put a fake smile on your face but there’s a tear in
your eye
so i go

funky wunky, that funky junky
funky wunky, ouh yeah hit me with it
nooky nooky, i’ll try her cookie
nooky nooky ouh

kick on in da funky shift – you got that?
funky wunky ouh
slam me withg da funky fix – you got that?
funky junky ouh

and i don’t believe the things they try to say
’cause things are gettin’ a little bit funky

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