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indiana bible college - i've come to lift you higher lyrics


[verse 1]
you supply my every need
taken care of everything
though undeserving
i will

praise you
bless you
glorify and honor
thank you
love you
i’ve come to lift you higher

[verse 2]
i lay me down in peace and sleep
for thou oh, lord only makest
me dwell in safety
i will

thou oh, lord art a shield for me
my glory and you are
the lifter of mine head
so i will
oh, oh
oh, oh, oh

[verse 3(rap)]
giving you praise
the reason we’re here is to lift up your name
you’re always there for us
so nothing has changed
forever you reign
yesterday, today, and forever the same
what a privilege to even speak that name
so enough with the same ol’, same ol’
of doing things so, so
it’s time to switch our mind frame
and get into a new role
and do what we were designed for
we know he’s seated high
but we’ve come to lift him higher

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