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ian whitcomb - groovy day lyrics


i’ve had such a groovy day
everything has been okay
i’ve discovered beauty, all around me

others may see crack_ed cups
dishes that need washing up
i can see the sud eye, in that old fried egg

beautiful people would not hurt a fly
many punch of them, you know
beautiful people, like sandy you’ll see
but they sail anywhere, yet a many a chair

a beautiful day, to dissect a frog
and i can do that, for hour after hour
accompany the r life, of a dumb friend of mine
who watches a blank in the floor all the time

beautiful things, that keep happening
outside of mr. jones’ eye

beautiful people, like harry and keeple
who flew from a steeple, and outgrows with god
and eastern sale turner, she’s reached her nirvana

i’ve had such a groovy day
toulemond has been okay
everything has been okay

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