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ian gillan - not responsible lyrics


found some money in an old black jacket
i’m going out tonight, gonna find me a woman or two
i don’t know how long it’ll last
but i never regret the past
when i wake up tomorrow, i’ll be looking around for you

i got no reason to be down at the station
i got no ticket, but i’m gonna take a f-cking ride
don’t care where i go
i never seem to know
i never had a penny, but i never wondered why
oh no, i never wondered why

if i’m cold i need some heat
if i’m hungry then i eat
i’m not responsible

i woke up this morning and i couldn’t find my shoes
it’s one long party and i haven’t seen the sun for days
i’d take you out tonight, but i’m just a little light
so let’s go out anyway, you’ll be amazed

i take my woman to the palace dancing
i never coulda made it but the doorman is a friend of
so i raise a gl-ss to you, the foot is on the other
you can pay the bill and while you’re at it pick up
oh, no no, i don’t mind

if it rains i stay inside
if i’m scared i run and hide
i’m not responsible, oh no

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