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hound dog - silver tongued devil lyrics


[verse] hound dog
my old clothes don’t fit me no mo’, they was my favorite
lost so much weight cannot recognize my faces
should i complain or should i celebrate my new phases
lost in a place where they throw me off stages
prolly should shave haven’t done that in ages
you all stay the same, surrounded by catchphrases
transactions everyday i still remain faceless
keep the change i got enough with this bracelet
bittersweet symphonies i’m feeding to your ears
you can listеn or ignore, i been makin ’em for years
thе smell of money on me, that’s my only fragrance
if you listen closely you can catch some of my statements
in my head there’s a war, you can see it in my tears
for a moment i was sure i’d get help from my peers
you always wanted more, but now i see it clear
prescriptions from the doc’ and now i can see
should’ve cut you off when you first started scheming
i thought that life without you would lose all its meaning
somebody pinch my arm i think i’m still dreamin’
someone sound the alarm my heart started bleedin’
i stack books like a beaver in a dam
building homes i should’ve known
about the grieve that comes with man
dabble through the pages and i feel the sentiments
of a poet leaking ink under the lamp
i treat my words like memory foam
twist ’em, spit ’em out in poetry form
i get my wisdom from the eye of the storm
and my system’s bout the size of a swarm
i should’ve kissed her when she was in my arms
i know i did her wrong but i meant her no harm
she’s a victim of love, and all the above
i’m a silver tongued devil and she fell for my charm

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