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headhunter d c - the glory lyrics


my pale face contemplates death
closed eyes, acceptance
death will be my greatest glory
oh endless plenitude, grant me the so wished harmony!

inexorable fate, invincible death
life’s sunset, dawn of the dead
great reward upon the abyss
a confort for my humiliating disgrace

tear away my memories
and make myself poor and cold
enclosed, anguished
an empty soul

\”reveal thee, oh unknown one!
disclose, at least, under thy eternal form:
immutable, below and beyond the times.
thou art the one who crucifies us
because thy perennial face is always concealed…\”

ultimatum for the living
and, at last, absolute rest

lead: paulo lisboa

illusion’s harvested, nooses are broken
life exhorts and death anaesthetizes
now i awake from my inner darkness
no remains from the past, no nostalgia for life…

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