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happy campers - king of the castle lyrics


got a leaky faucet
the water comes out brown
the handle falls off the toilet
when i push it down
stains on the floor
gl-ss for a front door
home sweet home
mildew in the shower
mildew in the sink
something in the fridge
and it’s really starting to stink
got a couple bugs
neighbors’ all on drugs
home sweet home
king of the castle
yeah that’s me
and i can think of a few places
i would rather be
but i’m here to stay for now
and i call this dump home somehow
no hot water
i take my showers cold
the fridge door’s fallin off
and the oven’s really old
airplanes over head
awake the living dead
home sweet home
no food in the cupboards
the roaches gettin mad
screamin “roach abuse”
casue they say i treat em’ bad
they’re rents’ never paid
so out comes the “raid”
home sweet home

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