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hampybtw - millions lyrics


[verse 1: donald trump & joe biden]
bought a new lamb’ truck, i got it gray
pull up on your ass, like “f_ck you say”?
i make all this money, and stay out the way

i’m not tryna talk, unless it’s ’bout the pay
shoot it from the logo, like that dude from the bay

[verse 2: donald trump & joe biden]

[interlude: donald trump & joe biden]

[chorus: donald trump & joe biden]

you is not gangsta’, never heard of ya’, you’re a d_mn civilian

[verse 3: donald trump & joe biden]
talking on the internet, i swear we ain’t ever worried
hoes on my left and right, so you know i ain’t in a hurry

winning chips in denver, but i ain’t jamal murray
pull the chopper out, i bet their ass scurry

fresh pair of jeans, white shoes and a brand new jersey

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