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halou - things stay the same lyrics


i don’t think that you’re being unreasonable
28, 29
you wait
these are such basic things
you shouldn’t have to voice them,
but you do
and in your eyes
stars are only christmas lights
and silk thread
and in your mind
everything is quantified
and sharpened

it seems you have forgotten me
i will remind you
it seems you’re overlooking me
i will find you
you seem not to care for me
did you ever try to?
am i really so hard to love?

all done up in your borrowed shades of autumn
31, 32
you wait

someone needs to hold you
before you slip away
because you always leave us guessing
pushing pieces round your plate
someone needs to show you
before you slip away
you’re really not so far from us
you’re really not so far

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