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gutter snypes - judge me not lyrics


yeah! check it out now!
the gutter snypes!
strictly (?getting?) then judge me not

[verse 1]
done written rhymes, rip raps that vex
when cel starts to flex saps snap like necks
hotter than h_ll what is cell
well cel’s a, packin’ platter with spells
‘n’ restraint i ain’t gotta yell
a sh_ll shock face drop place when cel rocks
mc’s in detail clock to retail stale socks
flocks ‘n’ herds find lines in lots of verbs
words that rhyme in spots preferred
cel pledges enough without no ruff edges
my tape, grows to share like hedges
be my guest you’re dressed as a jester
to try and test the best lyrics this semester
another pest with a plan to manifest
the mans possessed, best left to test for an address
the quest began within the man
ya film flam jams ain’t even trim so cram
stop to listen ink spots blotch like boccholsom
set my vision get it i got precision
fall or fail will ya live to tell a tale
tall males deliver small when they call cel
spit on great pain hit on fakes like a freight train
sit on breaks then i spit like a great dane
status that matters chatter to fellows that flatter but jealous
cel is a battle planas my manners are zealous
well its a prank you write the sk_nk to be quite frank
you sank i sink to the think tank
thank the man with a plan to judge what’s hot
till ya budge check the plots then judge me not
[verse 2]
judge me not i drop with a pen when i’m hot
stop the pop like a shot got props ‘cos the venomous spot
comes not, from when i’m rippin’
flippin’ a sk!ll stop ya slippin’, i k!ll like doctor crippen
ya beg cel next ya walking on tip toes egg sh_lls
i expel, text well axe ‘n’ excell
wax champ chumps stamp rumps as the amp pumps
bump clumps of fakes jump breaks ‘n’ dump stunts
rent a sk!ll ya steal ‘n’ i’ll be sent to pentonville
no dent i k!ll your content still i’m sent to thrill
you feel vexes pain check the next that i explain
ya feet retreat on the next train
a runner begin so begun a stunner newcomer
that’s shunning, many i’m hotter than any summer
one of you b_tches switch to step to my riches
the hitch is death ya left in stitches
ya wanna broadcast a forecast then i sure last
ya sorry sore ass i soar past
i make it plain like when thinner gets a brain
shame ‘n’ all a winner gain is pain ‘n’ a zimmer frame
track ya down for ya treason, please i ain’t teasing
ya wanna reason i hope its open season
freezing ‘n’ burning drops when the grudge gets hot
till i budge judge me not
[verse 3]
yes, we dress to distress the best
‘n’ ya crews left depressed with blues on a new quest
my terror eyes terrorize yeah be wise
now be aware of the guys that televise
my pistons pass pause push play
‘n’ picture applause i get a force, up better metaphors
mc’s are strange check me a b_boy 6 foot ‘n’ change
dangerous the boys deranged
next to wait to get check rates on the deck set
sigher selects the breaks ‘n’ fakes get wrecked
chill for five the guttsnypes still be live
sk!lls derive ‘n’ we will survive
the k!ll again villain healing like penicillin in thrilling
‘n’ the appealing when chilling with men in illing
consider none betterer react when
i’m trapped in then i’m rapped in any track like a napkin
captain give another order to slaughter
cos all abroad who caught a sorta mad reporter
i had to record a daughter to wife
i swing the pain of chain to knife
the main head bring a dead brain to life
curbed with agression each verse a blessin’
lesson don’t judge a first impression
a session as hot as a rock shot but won’t stop ya flock
to judge me not

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