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goddess fiji - everyone can get up lyrics


hey man, there’s no need for harsh feels, everyone can get up
im not a hoe ass dealer everyone can get drugged
i don’t like fight, i do it like labels
like everyone can get dropped
i’ll lay you down heart but there’s now way i get stopped__

codeine, i mix it with a bean
f_ck my fiend, i laced her with a need
green or red lazers with the beam
you better come in with ya tеam
you only running with your t__th
might show you how to do it with ya feet
ya body end up with ya feat
i faked you b_tch you tеll me what you mean
want a buzz? come hit me up i’ll tell you what you need
take my path, everyone follow me
trick or treat? sh_t feel like halloween
the whip can fight like bumble bee
you love them hoes, they dumb to me
what’s it like to be goddess, it’s fun to be
hate me as you want it’s love to me
count your millions, boy it’s none it’s me
im the best for her, but she’s not to me
your b_tch said you loved the weed
she gave me top, for ya 7’s & ya trees
still take her 40 & 20’s , & make her kneel
said her life a nightmare & i make her dream
burnt ass b_tch & i ain’t made her cream
hey man, there’s no need for harsh feels, everyone can get up
imma hold the world now everyone can let off
we play dice knowing well
everyone can take off
come up with ya mans im elevator, everyone can get up
they call my phone on some f_ck sh_t, babe you know im fed up
took most my apps, & told myself i need to get off
you won’t hear a sound, it’s on mute, everytime we let off

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