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glory opera - iara lyrics



through this haze is so clear to me
just like fire across the trees.
there’s no fear in her face while,
there’s no fear while she smile.

for a moment the pain has gone,
in her eyes, my destiny.
hate and rage could be undone,
i’ll forget my legacy.

pre chorus
while she sings, i feel the wind…
spirit shines in peace.
while she sings, i feel my tears
rolling down, i know i’ve found.

she’s the lady of the waters,
the purest heart i’ve ever seen.
can this love forgive the sins,
all her people done to me?

repeat pre chorus

the hand to lead me out this place,
where rivers become one, so tied.
i will leave this forest of remains,
iara will keep me alive.

follow the light of my eyes to be free,
our love can’t fade away in the eternity.

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