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ghetto baby boom - thought this shit was over lyrics


(h_lluva made this beat, baby)

[verse 1]
i feel like jesus, put my life on the line for my people, huh
they thought this sh_t was over, huh? they thought that i was leavin’
i said, “brodie, put this b_tch in sport, boy, you better leave ’em”
i go back, they gon’ do me bold, do me worse than meech
yeah, i get caught, i’ll never fold, you know i’m different breed
and tell them b_tches take me to my cell right now, i’m gettin’ sleepy
life just like a movie, every time i wake up, it get creepy
n_ggas d_ck suck or try to ride your wave ’til they don’t need you
n_gga, it’s blood, sweat, and tears on this sh_t, i wish i would quit
gotta make it out this b_tch right now, i cannot bullsh_t
got my people waitin’ on me, got my mama waitin’ on me
you know what to do, but how you do it, just be safe, homie
you know them n_ggas gon’ die with me, might as well commit suicide
might as well go clique up with the opps, them n_ggas finna die
it ain’t no timeouts, sit on the side, b_tch, it’s overtime
you know me, i’m different breed for real, i’ll go to war for mine
i don’t need no money, yop, just roll his ass up and drive
just promise you won’t say sh_t, don’t let this sh_t come back alive
let’s talk about some hoes now, let’s talk about some pros now
every time i get up in my bag, it be on, huh
don’t ask me what i’m on, know what i’m on, what you on now?
all that playin’ around, i’ll have bro_bro wipe your nose now
know what i’m sayin’, so what’s the situation, what you wanna do?
you know the f_ckin’ situation, we gon’ k!ll all these n_ggas, man
say no more
i don’t give a f_ck if they at the daycare with they kids
takin’ they moms shoppin’, you better rock out on all these n_ggas, all y’all, man

[verse 2]
once you slip, n_gga, that’s on you, it ain’t no comin’ back
once you slip, n_gga, that’s on you, you know what come with that
i’m done coachin’ n_ggas ’bout how to move, boy, you better go to school
this sh_t real life, hmm, this sh_t ain’t no april fools
you know we get busy, we get dizzy ’til we make the news
bro_bro, he still thuggin’ with me, he locked up on level two
he went down for robbin’ n_ggas, he ain’t got no sense of humor
all i do is point, get on your ass, sn_tch you out your cuban
certified members only, n_gga, we don’t do recruitin’
all this sh_t be business, ain’t ’bout money, i ain’t talkin’ to you
auntie, she want twelve for ’em, out of state be extra twenty
you know me, i’m certified for real, i’ll walk ’em to you

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