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future leaders of the world - your gov't loves you lyrics


for every grain of sugars here’s a pound a salt
to melt away all the sh-t this country shoved down my throat
no i won’t ever cave or curl nothing i do’s my fault
cause i’m a victim of sobriety in 50 states on drugs
for every act of love i attack -ssault
yah i destruct because i’m f-cked i just won’t give up
and some may say i’m stubborn and i won’t grow up
but i think your all just used to having that -ss tore up
your part of the disease in a government corrupt
toxic waste corporate sleaze destroying everything you touch
mother bleeds we deceived seek in gods creed we trust
we looking up hogs we feed smog fogs and clouds our thoughts
though i saw a flag with stars and stripes
that stood for equal rights
civil liberties pursuit of happiness in life
now i know were all just hoes spokes on a wheel of fortune
lost tones in a song eternal souls scorching cause your

government loves you so sleep now rest -ssured
your taxes make prisoners of war around the world
they’ll mind warp and drug you rape your little girl
your government loves you so sleep now rest -ssured

lets take a little trip back in time to remember why your government loves you
they’d do anything fight and die for you
operation mongoose couldn’t shoot castro
but got martin luther king blasted back in 68
cause they was afraid he was of communist regime
a black man with a dream of peace and equality
was surely a threat to usa’s economy of glutton war
greed ace of spades vietnamese oil brigades
and now the same sh-t today
different presidential candidates
same goal global control of the middle east
hey there’s only a few more nations left to enslave
we need some more fancy clothes and golden roads paved now


the earth’s surface has been destroyed
the global elites master plan has been deployed

2052 is the year
“now that the nuclear snow has cleared, it’s time to announce
the new world order is here. i am george bush senior the third,
your genetically engineered fascist leader. you are now ruled by a living computer.
you are one race, one sec, one f-ck, one money, on a sp-ce ship to mars, noah’s arch no holds barred, this planet will
explode in t-minus 4, cause your


don’t they love you (3x)


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