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finn m-k - legacy lyrics


tying bells around knots
lanyard and cross
seems that they’re locked
a legacy wrought
a line has been crossed

[verse 1]
rode the gravway here, grinning ear to ear
i’m on my way to you
novem’s everglow overwhelms my soul
it’s where dreams come true

[verse 2]
shouting from the track, they say “move, stand back”
“give, give her some room”
years of chats through screens, oh i know those screams
they stop before i reach you

stars are alive, are you coming through?
i am a mariner in deepest blue
oceans on fire and i see the end
i’m just a sailor caught in solar wind
i’ll be a shipwreck soon, but i’ll be with you
wedding bells sound off
lowered down, arms crossed
i know i’ll not be long
a legacy lost
a line has been crossed

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