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fats domino - country boy lyrics


i’m just a little country boy
lookin’ for my pride and joy
i came to the city
just to see what i could see

i just made it in your town
thought i’d take a look around
i wanna tell you, baby
just how good you look to me

my mama told me
there would be some time like this
she told me
there would be some moments
filled with bliss
she warned me of a lot of things
i had to do
but she didn’t tell me
i would meet somebody like you

so, come an take a chance with me
i want you to romance with me
you might say i’m coy
’cause i’m just a little country boy

i’m just a little country girl
living in a great big world
i met the country boy
and i’ve got some news for you, ooo

he swept me right off my feet
made my life complete
my heart skipped a beat
’cause it thrills me through and through
ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo, ooo!

we gonna walk together
down the aisle, today
we gonna see the preacher
in the biggest way

oh, i’m so happy
can’t you see i’m thrilled with joy
can you believe how this could happen
to a country boy?

so come an take me by the hand
you let me be your lovin’ man
i’m in a great big world
my baby is a country girl

i found my joy

i’m a country boy.

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