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f a q - second skin lyrics


be my communicator
be my indicator
be the now and the later
and the one who hates her
be a queen and a traitor
be my elevator
and the one that lifts me high
up there be my guide
teach me to fly
be the cowgirl who shows me how to ride
be my kite
be my flight
be the daylight and the night

be my nurse
be my curse
just be my worst
be my pearl
be my underworld
be my overpaid b-tch
be the most evil witch
be the one i was waiting for – that i adore
be poor
be my wh-r-
be my war
be my hardcore
like on channel four

you are my desire
be my fire fighter

be my second skin
be the dope and the gin
the melting ice within
be my sin

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